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You're So Pretty When You're Unfaithful To Me

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12/4/07 01:31 pm - I got a puppy...

His name is Daemon, he has a Myspace. Things are good. I am very tired. Going to Costa Rica in January. Moved into and awesome place... And that's kind where I am at.

Here is Daemon's Myspace:


11/15/05 01:19 pm - Friends Only...

My journal is now friends only. I'm actually going through my friends list now and cleaning it up a lot. Mostly removing people that I don't know in real life or don't know well, or who don't really post, or I don't interact much with. I just need to do this. If you think I made an error in removing you please let me know. I might make some mistakes.

EDIT (1/4/06): Also if you would like me to add you please comment here and I will do so at my own discretion. Thanks!
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